5 steps to manage git branches on a milestone

5 steps to manage git branches on a milestone

This week I submitted the React calculator milestone at @microverse. You might already know for milestones we have to use git flow (master, develop and feature branches).

But how to advance if I have to wait until the last milestone got approve and merge to develop only then to work on the next milestone.

Here are five steps to avoid messed it up with al branches

1. Create a sub-feature branch

Well, we're going to use git flow tool for windows, remember to download one according to your OS. If you're using Windows it's already installed along with git tool, though.

After the start, the git flow default config

git flow init -d

And add the feature branch (first milestone)

git flow feature start first-milestone


Git flow the first time

Now create a sub-feature branch without git flow tool.

From feature/first-milestone branch

git checkout -b temp-second milestone


Subfeature temp-second-milestone added

2. Finish main feature branch

😃 Amazing they approved our first milestone.


Once we got an approved milestone, merge this feature branch to develop, and the git flow tool is ging to delete our feature branch by default

git flow feature finish first-milestone


Merged to develop and deleted first milestone branch

3. Create a new feature branch

We could send for a pull request (PR) first code review from temp-second-milestone branch.

However, I've never tried before because I always like to work with organized branches and don't get lost in them

Create the second milestone branch

git flow feature start second-milestone

4. Merge temporal branch

As you've noticed we've been working on the temporal branch, that's why there are few commits.

Now we merge these changes to our new branch from feature/second-milestone branch

git merge temp-second-milestone

image.pngTemporal merged to actual branch

5. Remove the temporal branch

After merging to the actual second milestone branch delete the local and remote temporal branch

// delete branch locally
git branch -d temp-second-milestone

// delete branch remotely
git push origin --delete temp-second-milestone

image.pngLast view after delete temporal branch

Great now repeat the same process to the next milestone branches

Tip: Only for VScode text editor, Git Graph tool was a great help to understand the three and avoid some command lines

A project developed with git flow tool for Windows


Tutorial focused only as a solo project, I was not working with a partner. But for a collaborative project, you have to push the temporal-milestone branches, so that your partner can see your changes

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